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Our services at a glance

Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with a service that satisfies you completely. Thanks to our many years of experience and our passion for excellent customer service, you can rest assured that you will always receive the best possible support.

Professional advice

Our sales experts offer sound advice for your individual requirements and the right product selection.

Technical support

Our telephone support offers quick help with technical questions and problems as well as repair support from trained technicians.

Repair and complaints

If you have a complaint or need a repair, we are there for you to quickly repair or replace defective products and ensure that you are satisfied.

Processing of
Repairs, complaints and returns

Our returns form makes it easy for you to return rental items, complaints or repairs.
We offer two separate forms for this: one for returns as part of an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and one for DOA (Dead on Arrival). In this way, we ensure that your concerns are dealt with efficiently and appropriately.

Repair or return form (RMA)

Use this form for easy processing of your returns or repairs.
Please fill out the form and provide all relevant information.

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Add one or more items to be handled as a complaint, return or RMA. Please enter the required information for each item.
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5-year warranty advance exchange:
Select this option if you have purchased the additional warranty extension "5-year warranty advance exchange" when ordering our product. Within five years from the date of purchase, you can exchange the product for a new one if it is defective. Please confirm the corresponding field to avail this additional protection. Please note that the warranty applies only to defective parts and certain conditions must be met.
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Costs and Invoicing
For service and analysis by our technicians, charges will be based on time and materials for devices operating without faults. Evaluation costs include both administrative and technical expenses. Submissions caused by user error, such as incorrectly set or programmed devices, will also incur charges. If the submitted item lacks a copy of the invoice as proof of warranty or was not supplied by ADASYS, or if it is no longer within the warranty period, a chargeable cost estimate of 30 euros net will automatically be generated. In this case, please inform us within 2 weeks whether you wish to proceed with the repair. If we do not receive any communication from you by this deadline, the parts will be returned to you, subject to the evaluation fee. If a repair is approved or an equivalent new device is purchased within 14 days, we will credit the evaluation fee invoiced.

Data Backup
When providing devices with magnetically or electronically stored data, it is the customer's responsibility to delete or encrypt their data before sending in the device. ADASYS assumes no liability for the protection of any personally identifiable data on the device. In the event that we need to replace the defective storage medium, the customer has the option to dispose of it either through us or on their own. We do not accept liability for data under the GDPR. It is the customer's responsibility to take appropriate measures to back up their data to prevent potential loss or damage.

Claims for damages by the purchaser against ADASYS, its employees, agents, or subcontractors - regardless of the legal basis - are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Packaging and Completeness of Goods
Please note that only new goods, including complete accessories, manuals/CDs, and original packaging, can be accepted for return. Any necessary refurbishment time, as well as costs for missing or damaged original packaging, small parts, manuals, etc., will be invoiced.

For credits, we reserve the right not to refund the full invoice amount. Credits are subject to post-calculation of repair costs and missing parts or accessories. A surcharge may be applied, especially if technical examination reveals unauthorized intervention, warranty conditions are void, or similar circumstances. Credits are issued without acknowledgment of legal obligation and without prejudice.

Express repairs are only available for cash register systems and do not extend to peripheral components such as add-on accessories, thermal printers, scanners, etc. A flat rate surcharge of 42 euros net will be applied to each system, regardless of whether it is within the warranty period. By shipping the goods along with the submitted EXPRESS Repair Form, the customer agrees to the repair and the associated costs. Separate quotes will not be provided.

EXPRESS Shipping
EXPRESS Shipping In connection with express repairs, a flat fee of 29 euros within Germany or 44 euros to Austria will be charged for express shipping. Other countries upon request. For regular repairs, please inquire about the cost of express shipping with our service team using the contact details provided above.

Service & Analysis
Additional charges apply for our services and analyses.

Cost estimate
Fees are also charged if the cost estimate is rejected. If the cost estimate has to be forwarded to the manufacturer, who is not us, additional costs may be incurred.

Terms and Conditions
Our terms and conditions apply additionally, which can be viewed here or sent upon request.

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